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About Lucinda

Lucinda Honeycutt delivers exceptional content while obsessively meeting deadlines. Her work is engineered for search engines and social media sharing, with the personal touch to optimize it for human readers. Yes, she believes content can and should do both.

Lucinda has two decades of experience with coding HTML, as well as a decade working as a WordPress designer and freelance writer. This allows her to provide content that is either print-ready or WordPress/HTML-ready (or both). Her work has appeared on, Huffington Post and, to name just a few.

Lucinda doesn’t let anything hold her back, and her mission is to use her voice to encourage others to overcome adversity to achieve success. Born and raised in the artsy and literary mountain city of Asheville, NC, Lucinda is a lover of sarcasm (she is still waiting impatiently for a much-needed universal sarcasm font to be developed), Pink Floyd (she has the tattoo to prove it) and deep thought (small talk is for under-achievers).

Lucinda’s Work

What People Have to Say

Lucinda is my go-to for anything I need. When I am overwhelmed, she helps me research, serves as a sounding board for ideas, and she is one of the very few people I trust to ghostwrite for me. Her writing is well-researched, exceptionally readable, and always on time. She’s the fastest, most reliable writer I know!

Sherry Gray, Sherry Gray

Lucinda is one of my go-to writers talented enough to ghost for any major site. She is very reliable and produces high-quality content.

Gail Gardener, GrowMap

I have enjoyed working with Lucinda. I always get clear information and instruction on what she needs, prompt payment, and helpful critique so that I can improve my skills. I feel more like I am working with someone who is empowering me rather than having a “boss”.

Angela Kunschmann, Angie's Word Services

As Lucinda’s former editor at, I can say that she was one of the easiest contributors to edit. Her work was always interesting, accurate, concise, and timely. In this regard, Lucinda is every editor’s dream and would be a great asset to any publication and/or client.

Erin Schultz, Erin Schultz Media

I’ve worked with Lucinda for the past year, and since then she has written web content, business, marketing, and SEO articles, and a 20,000 word guide on digital marketing. Lucinda is an amazing writer with excellent insight into digital marketing and business. She can tell a compelling story, find awesome examples, and write quickly and persuasively. Her content is high performing and well-received by our audience on social media and our blogs. She’s personable, reliable, easy to work with, and extremely generous with her time. I rely on her and her writing to manage my own workload. Anyone who hires Lucinda will be glad they did.

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